How to divorce in Sweden

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Getting a divorce in Sweden is very cheap and straightforward. You don't even need to visit a court house. Because of that, many couples with at least some connection to Sweden tries to file for divorce in Sweden.

Can I divorce in Sweden?

First of all you need to figure out if you are eligible to get a divorce in Sweden. If you aren't eligible, your case will be rejected and you won't get your application fee back.

Here are few circumstances that might prevent you from getting a divorce in Sweden:

What the process looks like

You need to file for divorce at the court your city belongs too. If neither of you live in Sweden, it's usually but not always, Stockholms tingsrätt (court of Stockholm) that will have jurisdiction. You need to create a "gemensam ansökan om skilsmässa", which is the basic document needed to file for divorce. Or a "stämningsansökan" if your spouse doesn't want to get a divorce. A spouse can never stop you from getting a divorce in Sweden.

The document is then sent to the court with a "personbevis". This is a kind of certificate you get from the Swedish tax office for free. It's important that the personbevis is for divorce. There are many different kinds.

The court's application fee is currently 900 SEK, or roughly $105 usd.

Time frame

It normally takes a few weeks to finalize your divorce. But if you have any children below 16, you will need to wait 6 months for your final verdict. The same is true if your spouse refuses to divorce you. There are some exceptions to this rule. Advice with a Swedish lawyer.

After the six months have passed, you need to draft and send in a "fullföljdsansökan" to the court again to finalize the divorce.

Who can help you get a divorce?

Divorce Online (Skilsmässa Online)

The most popular way to divorce in Sweden is online, through It's the biggest online divorce firm in Sweden and have offered online divorces since 2003. They have a special package for foreigners called "Utlandspaketet". Answer a few questions on their online order form and they will handle all the paperwork for you, including ordering your "personbevis".

When you order the package, they will find out if you can divorce in Sweden. If they find out that you cant, they wont charge you anything. Quick and easy. And you don't pay any hourly costs. Their prices are fixed and very low compared to normal law firms. Recommended.

Local lawyers

You can also contact a local law firm. This is the best option if you're having custody/monetary disputes, since you will then need someone to represent you physically in court. Local lawyers are best suited for this. The yellow pages have multiple lawyers listed. Pick someone specialized in family law. Remember that custody battles can be very expensive, even in Sweden. You can find the yellow pages here, Search for "advokat" (lawyer). The Swedish lawyers association has a search function as well,

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